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Even if you’re not hopping on a jet plane for a getaway anytime soon, you can make your own backyard your very own relaxation spot. There are a variety of ways that you can get your backyard to a place of zen. 

Focus On The Deck

Your deck can become its own destination. If you have room for multiple levels, use each site for different activities like dining and relaxing. You can use plants or other outdoor items to define the designated spaces on the deck. At the same time, the entire landscape of the area will blend in together, looking natural. 

Make Your Yard An Extension Of Your Home

Your yard can become an extension of your home’s interior pretty easily. Whether you have a season room, a deck, or a patio, you’ll want to be outdoors as much as possible. You can design any of these spaces to be an extension of your home’s architectural design and interior design. From the way your furniture is laid out to the colors you choose to the overall design of the room or patio space, you’ll be able to bring the overall feel you want for your home both indoors and out. 

Create Your Dream Kitchen Outdoors

If you love to eat outdoors and spend a lot of time grilling, an outdoor kitchen could be for you. Any kind of grill will do. To make your outdoor kitchen complete, you’ll need a prep space, complete with countertops. Installing a separate burner will bring your outdoor cooking experience to the next level. If you have the resources, add an outdoor refrigerator and sink to make both the preparation of food and the outdoor cleanup process easier.

Keep Your Privacy 

You want to keep your yard private when you create the perfect outdoor space. Enclosing the space will make your yard feel more like a private escape if it has some sort of enclosure. You can use anything from a fence to walls to bushes and trees. Get creative with how you ensure your privacy.

Make Sure You Have Shade

Even if you love the sun, the shade can be welcome on a hot, bright day. There’s so many ways that you can create shade including using umbrellas, awnings, or natural shade from trees and greenery.  

Define Your Space

You can make your space even more of a pleasant place if you use some sort of structure to define it. Things you can install include a gazebo, pergolas, arbor ways, trellises, or other outdoor structures. If you have a pool, a pool house would add to this division of your yard. It’s not a bad idea to have your entire yard categorized in different spots just like your deck to make your yard an oasis.

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2+ acre lot in the country yet close to major routes-buyers due deligence-see attached septic design
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Window shutters are a very old form of home improvement. Since there have been windows or openings in the walls of houses, shutters have been around. While they don’t serve much of a practical purpose in the present day, they once were very important to homeowners.  Early shutters were meant to protect the interior of a home from things like intruders, weather, and animals. 


Present day shutters are often used as the finishing touch for a home. Many homes just wouldn’t look complete without them on the outside of the house. So, how do you find the shutters that are right for your home?

The Size And Placement Of The Shutters

You need room on your house for shutters to work on it. You shouldn’t consider putting shutters on your home if the pieces will come too close to the corner or stick out beyond the trim of your home. Your windows also shouldn’t be too close together. The space between windows and shutters should be about half of the width of one shutter. If you don’t have the appropriate space, you shouldn’t put shutters up. Even though you’re not actually using the shutters for practical purposes, you want them to look authentic, as if they could actually be closed. Keep in mind too that a small window may only need one shutter to make it work.

The Hardware 

Even though you won’t actually be using the shutters for your home, they should always be hung with the proper hardware. This allows the shutters to be attached appropriately and give the authentic look that’s needed to make them look true to form. If the shutters are hung any other way, they run the risk of looking cheap and fake. Even though you’re not actually going to use the shutters, the right hardware makes them function as they would if you really needed them.  

The Materials

As far as materials go, real wood shutters are unmatched in their authentic look. The problem with real wood shutters is that they can become weathered quickly. If you go with wood shutters, they will require frequent painting and replacement, which can become a tedious task as a homeowner.  

Vinyl shutters will last longer but choose them carefully. You still want a high quality shutter even though this material will be able to withstand the weather longer. The better the quality of your shutter, the more genuine they will look on your home. 

Color Choice

Typically, the color scheme on the outside of a home includes 2-3 different colors. Your shutters should be the accent color of the home. This means that they should match some other color that’s present on the outside of the house whether it’s your front door or your window trim, the shutters should always be a different color than the siding of a home.

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Lovely contemporary Cape- single owner home, hardwood flooring, inground pool with large storeage shed, double sink bathrooms, master bedroom on first floor with large den/office/family room, wonderful wood stove in the living room with cathedral ceiling, balcony on second floor with two large bedrooms,- huge 44 x 16 deck overlooking large cleared yard and 7+ acres, rough plumbed for half bath in walk out basement- this is a one of a kind home in a country location yet close to all major routes-
Open House
June 11 at 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
New to the market
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Location: 72 Bond Road, Charlton, MA 01507    Get Directions

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Even the best homes could benefit from one or more improvements. Lower utility costs, improved functionality, better homeowners association rates and services and more storage space are some improvements that homeowners seek. Getting to lower utility costs takes behavioral changes and better home maintenance.

Hidden storage spaces that you've been overlooking at home

A thoughtful conversation with homeowners association managers could help adjust rates or improve services. Of all the improvements, getting more functionality out of your house may call for the most financial investment.

You might lump hidden storage spaces with functionality. That's partly accurate,especially considering the location of some hidden storage spaces in houses. Narrow cabinets in kitchen corners and short, decorative drawers that line the top of wall kitchen cabinets are overlooked when homeowners search for a place to store extra dishes, canned food and pots and pans.

Another hidden storage space in your kitchen is the open area above your kitchen cabinets. If any space is overlooked for storage, this one may top the list. Not only could you store plants in this area, you could also store pictures, canned goods and large mixing bowls in this area.

Here are more hidden storage spaces that you might be missing

Kitchen pantries and laundry rooms are also hidden storage space gems. When it comes to the laundry room, you could store items on shelving. Bookcases, entertainment center shelving and storage cabinets may be large enough to hold DVDs, journals, magazine, mail and seasonal products like Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations.

Check your living room coffee and end tables for storage cabinets. You could also store items in open areas beneath coffee and end tables. Some of your biggest storage spaces are in garages, basements and attics.

Your garage might have one or more shelves running along the top edge. Add a few nails and wall hangers to the side of your garage and you could hang heavy, winter coats, hats and other products on your garage walls.

Even if you don't have a finished basement, the lowest room in your home could be rich with hidden storage spaces. You might need to install interior shelves in your basement to organize products that you store in the basement. The same applies to the attic. To get the most out of attic storage space, take advantage of closet space as well.

Hidden storage spaces at home are money savers

A uniquely structured house could call for you to get creative to find hidden storage spaces at home. To find these hidden gems, you'll have to turn away from closets. You'll have to take a closer look at your furniture, kitchen cabinets, basement and attic. Ignoring the loads of space in your garage is a habit that you'll have to scratch off your list.

The search is worth it. Hidden storage spaces at your house keep valuables within easy reach. These spaces also save you money, preventing you from having to pay monthly fees to store your items at a professional storage facility.